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Tips for Personalising Children’s Gifts

Our top tips on getting personalised gifts for children

1. Take note of the maximum characters for the product you wish to order.

Each of our personalised gifts has been set up so that you can only enter the maximum number of characters allowed.

Maximum characters includes any spaces between names.

We often get a phone call asking if we can just squeeze one more letter in, as much as we would love to say yes, we just can’t.

If you can’t fit what you initially wanted in the text box. Have a play around with different ways it could read. (see our example video).

2. Lower case letters or capital letters?

Some of our personalised kids gifts have a type of font that works best when it’s not all in capital letters. You’ll be made aware of this in the description for each personalised item. Generally by looking at the images of each gift you’ll be able to see the best format to use.

Please use capitals where applicable e.g. at the beginning of a name. It’s very easy to be a bit lazy when using a mobile of tablet to order and not put the capitals in.

3. Double check your personalisation.

Once your order has been paid for we generally process it it quickly and it goes into production, Therefore please make sure your text for the personalisation is correct. Changes cannot be made once the order has been paid for.

4. Double check your personalisation.

Does it make sense? It doesn’t happen often but sometime’s there can be fixed text on a design. When adding your own personalisation text in just make sure it makes sense. If fixed text is included in a design it will be mentioned in the description.

5. Date Tip

Remember, if you are struggling to get a date to fit the maximum amount of characters allowed, there are several different ways you can enter it.


31st March 2016



31 March 2016



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