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My Personalised Book About Space

Make their day cosmic with our Personalised Space Themed Gifts

May the 4th (be with you) is International Space Day! It can be a great interest as an adult but to a child it’s magical. With a sky full of stars, unexplored planets and unknown secrets. What could be more interesting?

We have a whole range of personalised space themed gifts for children. From the educational, to the decorative and practical they’ll be something for the child you know who loves all things to do with the night sky and beyond.

Our educational ‘My Book About Space‘ makes a great gift for Birthdays, especially if you want to buy something a little bit special but are looking for something under £15.

This book is educational and fun. It tells a story about a little alien but is also has some amazing facts in it too!

Our fabulous Rocket Night Light makes another popular gift. Plug it in and choose your favourite colour or leave it to rotate through a rainbow of colours. Our children have the night lights and they use them every evening just to take the edge of the darkness.

It doesn’t stop their! We have a whole school range of personalised space themed gifts. Lunch Boxes, Water Bottles and Personalised Kit Bags all feature fun rocket designs. Never lose their water bottle or P.E. Kit again (well we can’t promise but it’s a start to finding it quickly!)

If you need any help or further information about any of our products I am always here to help answer any questions you may have. Just email me at or leave a comment below.

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