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This section includes personalised and handmade gifts for kids. We have a huge variety of personalised gifts for children including lunch bags and bottles, swim bags which are perfect for back to school. We also feature some great personalised children's pictures and door plaques too!


Hello Kitty Personalised Breakfast Set


Fairy Illuminated Canvas


Personalised Clock - Pink Animal Alphabet


Personalised Clock - Blue Animal Alphabet


Personalised Clock - Whimsical Train Design


Personalised Clock - Whimsical Pram Design


Personalised Clock - Pirate Design


Personalised Clock - Fairy Design


Pumpkin Carriage Personalised Breakfast Set


Personalised Girls Framed Name Picture


Personalised Boys Framed Name Picture


Framed Name Picture - Pirates


Framed Name Picture - Fairies


Framed Name Picture - Patchwork Train


3 Star Personalised Name Plate


3 Heart Personalised Name Plate


Framed Name Picture - Princess


Blue Animal Design Framed Name Picture


Pink Animal Design Framed Name Picture


Blue Personalised Cushion


Pink Personalised Cushion


Animal Alphabet Pink Kit/Swim Bag


Animal Alphabet Blue Kit/Swim Bag


Personalised Ballet Kit/Swim Bag